The Real Winners of 2017’s IPO Market

In line with offerings this year, Snap Inc.’s new release has received a lot of popularity on its success and value. However, profitability over the long term has other firms ranked above this photo-sharing company. Over the year so far, Snapchat could have already been ranked below the first spot regarding IPO and trading floor success. But what firm could have dethroned Snap Inc. from the top position, you might ask. The answer lies in a data analytics company called Mulesoft Inc.

Comparing these two companies in terms of progress shows that Mulesoft has subsequently had a larger growth spurt since its issuance. Below, we compare the two firms on some fronts.

On its first day on trading floors, Snap Inc.’s share value had a staggering increase of 44 percent. The surge and continuous growth of the company now have it pegged at a 25 billion market capitalization. The social media startup was also able to end the first quarter of 2017’s fiscal year with its shares being valued higher by 32.6 percent than during its offering. This was despite various firms on Wall Street and seasoned analysts giving signals to short-sell the company’s shares. As such, the firm has maintained a relatively consistent value since its release.

The surge on its first day could have made Snap Inc.’s offering the best in 2017 analytically. Further, Snap Inc. would have been in fourth place for one of the best companies to have had new releases during the first quarter of 2017. However, MuleSoft has taken both these crowns.

MuleSoft uses its tools to serve more corporations to a greater extent than Snap Inc. does. Firms can get different insights over their consumers’ data and from the information, they can make better financial and administrative decisions. Boasting Coca-Cola, StubHub, and Citrix as some of its clientele, the company went public.

MuleSoft’s shares, however, soared by 45.6 percent on its first day on the New York Stock Exchange. The higher increase in share value means that investors in MuleSoft got higher returns than those in Snap. Over time, MuleSoft’s stock has had a consistent rise to 40 percent above its issuance price. This means that the company has had a more stable run from the time of its release towards the end of 2017’s first quarter.

Regarding market capitalization, however, Snap Inc. takes the lead standing at 25 billion. This figure dwarfs MuleSoft’s 3.1 billion capitalizations. Also, MuleSoft has enjoyed the benefits of steady growth from having a lower number of shares being publicly traded – 13 million to be precise. Snap, on the other hand, has 245 million shares being traded publicly. Despite the growth, this means that MuleSoft’s shares could be more prone to steady declines if the market moves against the stock.

Comparing these two companies shows that the use of improvements from first-day trading might not suffice to fully realize what IPO is most successful in the long term. However, looking at this increase means we would rank AnapytsBio at the top of the list. The company has had an increase in share value since its January release by about 89.5 percent. Further, its market capitalization is currently at 595 million.