Roku’s goes public new IPO (NASDAQ:ROKU)

Roku has long been one of the most popular home entertainment brands in the United States and abroad. With its wide range of devices, dongles, remotes and other tools, Roku offers unique and exclusive access to a broad pool of content, including web-based streaming, special networks, unique channels, and many more.
In today’s market, the numbers are particularly huge for online streaming services. Over 60% of viewers ranging from 18 to 30 years old adopt online streaming as their primary way to enjoy TV content. Roku is on the forefront of this particular industry, and it makes complete sense for this company to debut on Wall Street.
Unsurprisingly, the home entertainment service started out with a big bang, reaching over 50% of its IPO price in a very short time due to the strong interest of the investors in the company.
Initially, Roku priced its shares at $14, valuing the company at $1.3 billion. Throughout the week, shares already reached the value of $20 each.

In spite of Roku’s impressively soaring IPO, some experts have still doubt about the future profitability of the company, since the market is expanding quickly and more companies are starting to compete in the same niche. Nonetheless, Roku still made a mark with the best-performing IPO of the year.